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13 Spooky Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

Spooktacular News!

You’re pregnant! And you’re ready to tell the world! If you’re looking for pregnancy announcement ideas this time of year you might be looking for something clever, sweet, creepy, or boo-tiful. Whatever your style, here are 13 Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas to die for!

Monstrous Miracle

A onesie is a classic announcement idea that can be worn by your little bundle of joy after their arrival. If you’re looking to announce your pregnancy in October, why not get one of these customizable onesies to help spread the word? Better yet, if you have an idea in mind, head over to our custom onesie design page here at Kate & Meri to create your custom Halloween pregnancy announcement onesie. 

lil boo etsy

A Boo-tiful Baby

If you’re thinking of going electronic, you could purchase a customizable pregnancy announcement template, then email it to your friends and family, or post it on social media. This adorable announcement features cute jack-o-lanterns, a sweet bat, and a spooky ghost to help you tell the world about your little boo! 

Halloween E Announcement


This cute idea doubles as both a Halloween pregnancy announcement and a fall pregnancy announcement. These little yarn pumpkins announce your lil’ pumpkin, and they’re a cute keepsake or decoration. They come in 10 colors, including fall orange, autumn yellow, red wine and chocolate. You can stick with the default messaging, or, for a few dollars more, you can customize it to convey your personal message. Very cute!

Lil Yam

Have Some Skele-fun

Why not show the world what’s inside with a skeleton shirt? This Halloween classic comes in traditional skeleton, skeleton with a Halloween heart, superhero skeleton, pirate skeleton, and a matching set with one for you and one for Dad. If you’re ready to spread the news but pregnancy announcement cards are just not your style, put on a skeleton shirt and let them figure it out!

Skeleton Shirt

Lil’ Pumpkin

Maybe you’re into the shirt idea but not so much the skeletons. If that’s the case, how about a pumpkin shirt to announce your little one? Each features a smiling pumpkin to adorn your growing belly. There’s a variety to choose from here as well, including “I ate a seed” and “Lil Pumpkin.” If you’re expecting twins, you’re in luck! This shirt features two grinning faces, one for each of your adorable babies!

 Twin Pumpkins

So Egg-citing!

While this one isn’t fall or Halloween-specific, these little eggs give off a fall vibe for sure! Etsy artists empty and clean out real eggs (in this case quail eggs), then carefully insert a custom message, all for around $8! This is a unique way to tell your loved ones that you’re adding to your nest! 


No Trick, Just a Treat!

Naturally, one of the classic icons of Halloween is the pumpkin, so why not utilize them in your announcement? This pregnancy announcement was shared via instagram, and features a pumpkin for everyone in the family, including a small baby pumpkin nestled inside a mommy pumpkin with a heart-shaped cutout. Add some signages and decorate the back/foreground with fall leaves and you are all set with a falltastic pregnancy announcement! 

No Trick Just Treat

Celebrate Your Pumpkin Bump

Continuing with the pumpkin theme, this announcement works with the idea of “less is more”. Dress in fall colors, then take a photo behind some meaningfully arranged pumpkins. This pic was posted to Instagram, but you could easily print it out and send physical cards if you’d prefer. Be sure to include the month of your due date for those who might not get the hint!

Simple Pumpkin

Trick or Treat Yo’ Self

Why not sweeten the deal with these hand-crafted and beautifully intricate Halloween cookies? Expertly decorated sugar cookies adorned with royal icing might just be the sweetest way to share the news of your little ghoul. Available from Tweetie Bee’s Kitchen, this set would make a great gift for the grandparents or big siblings-to-be.  

Cookie Announcement

Lights, Camera, Announcement!

If you’re interested in a funny pregnancy announcement, consider something like this. This couple dressed as characters from the movie “Juno” about a pregnant teen.You could pick any hollywood pregnancy comedy and base your Halloween costume around it, then snap a pic for your announcement. You could imitate “Knocked Up,” or “Nine Months.” An announcement based on the 90’s Schwarzenegger film “Junior” would be hilarious! Don’t be afraid to think out of the box! 

Funny Juno

Mummy of the Year

If you and your hubby are ready to be a deady and a mummy, check out these skull and crossbone shirts, perfect for Halloween pregnancy announcements! These shirts are available from Blondarazzi Designs, and give the message of your impending arrival with a slightly grave twist. Paired with a sonogram pumpkin, you have an easy and memorable announcement.

Mummy and Deady

Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About

Carve out some time this fall to tell the world about your growing baby! Just get a pumpkin and a little saw or knife and have at it. You can free-hand it, or draw your design on paper first. Transfer your picture to the pumpkin by poking a pin through the paper and into the pumpkin all along the line where you want to cut. Cut out the pieces, and BAM! A jack-o-lantern baby announcement!


Pumpkin Carving

Go Big or Gourd Home

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of carving a fancy pumpkin but still like the idea of a pumpkin pregnancy announcement, this is for you! Just use black paint and write the years that you, your husband, and any other children you have were born. Then, on a small pumpkin, announce when your newest addition is expected. This couple placed their pumpkins on a picturesque staircase, but you could place yours on your porch, on a straw bale, or on whatever background you have available. 


Pumpkin By Year

Hopefully you’ve seen something that sparks your imagination and gets your creative juices flowing. From t-shirts to pumpkins to sweet treats, you can’t go wrong with a Halloween or Fall baby announcement. Either way, whatever you choose is sure to be fa-boo-lous!

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