Giving Back

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The team at Kate & Meri, like many others, has personally been touched by the devastating effects of postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety (PPA) and its many forms. We've experienced and seen the struggle it is for those who suffer: loved ones, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and everyone in between.

Sobering facts on PPD and PPA include the fact that between 10-15% of women experience PPD, 30-70% of those women face it for a year or longer and 4 out of 5 women meet the criteria for what is considered major depression.  With somewhere around 4 million births happening each year in the United States this means there is somewhere around 600,000 cases of PPD each year! Lastly, one study even found that 60% of women with PPD also showed signs of PPA, even though PPA isn't always associated with PPD. 

With our home state of Utah having one of the highest birth rates in the entire United States this is an issue that is close to our hearts!

But while acceptance and dialogue around postpartum issues is becoming more commonplace we have a long way to go to make sure struggling Moms know they aren't alone and there are neighbors, friends, family members, and other resources available to help them. 


Our program is a simple one: we give 5% of all profits to non-profit organizations that help educate, raise awareness, and provide postpartum support and counseling to those in need.

By doing so we hope to help make a difference in the lives directly affected by the daily battle of postpartum health.