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22 Fun Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

There are so many wonderful things about being pregnant. One of them is fun pregnancy announcements! While you may choose to wait for the right time to reveal your pregnancy to most of the people you know, you probably want to tell your husband right away. Why not try a surprise pregnancy announcement that he’ll always remember?

Here is our list of pregnancy announcements ideas specifically for a pregnancy reveal to surprise the hubs. 

A Reveal Photoshoot

This is a really good one, albeit a little elaborate. Tell your husband you want to have photos done of the two of you (or all of you if you have other kids). Then have the photographer suggest that you write on small chalkboards what you love about each other. He’ll write something sweet, and you can write, “You’re going to be a daddy!” or “We’re expecting a baby!” When you turn and share your messages, you’ll capture some memorable shots of his face, like this one, when he first learns he’s going to have a baby!

Pregnancy Announcement Reveal Photoshoot

See more here

Make Him Hunt For It!

This one is playful and should be fun for everyone. Get some note cards or cute stationary. Handwrite or type up some clues to lead your husband around the house. On the last one, have your positive pregnancy test waiting.

Pregnancy Announcement Treasure Hunt

If you need some help, feel free to use our poetic clues to lead him to the final reveal. Or make up your own!

Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Scavenger Hunt:

Hello honey, thanks for playing with me. You’ll find the first clue behind the TV.

Now wasn’t that fun? Are you hoping for more? There’s another clue taped up on the front door. 

Are you tired of this? Then just go to bed. Look under the place where you lay down your head.

I love you so much. You’re the one that I choose. Now go take a look where you keep all your shoes.

You’re almost done, don’t have a heart attack. Just head to the place where we keep the cold snacks. 

Last one I promise, don’t shiver and shake. Go check the thing that I use to bake!

Look what we did because of our lovin.’ I’m happy to say there’s a bun in my oven!

Ask Him to Do the Dishes

Why not go for a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband through dishes? Yes, you heard me, dishes. There are lots of cute flatware and dishware options to help announce your pregnancy. Just put together a meal or a treat with one of these pieces and watch as he figures out what you’re trying to say.

Serve up a surprise with this cute pregnancy announcement spoon. Just stick it in a yogurt or a bowl of ice cream and see how long it takes for him to notice!

Pregnancy Announcement Spoon

Or why not order a personalized pregnancy announcement plate with your due date printed on it? Surely he’ll see there are words on it after a few bites, right?

Pregnancy Announcement Plate

Or you could order this adorable surprise pregnancy announcement mug and serve up a hot drink. Only choose this option if you have a lot of patience, though, because the message won’t be visible until every drop is gone!

Pregnancy Announcement Mug

Recreate His Proposal

Some men propose with flowers, some set up elaborate scenarios, and some propose when they feel their love overflowing and they can’t contain it, wherever they may be. However it happened for you, you can recreate the proposal. Instead of a ring, however, you give him a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound picture (it doesn’t have to be your own!) or a pair of baby shoes or a onesie. He’ll get the idea, and the two of you will create another beautiful memory.

Pregnancy Announcement Proposal Redo

Personalized Fortune Cookies 

What list of pregnancy reveal ideas would be complete without food? You can get a dozen sealed fortune cookies with your personalized message inside. Imagine your husband’s surprise when he opens what he assumes is a run-of-the-mill fortune cookie and instead he is blessed with news of his coming son or daughter? And since you’ll have so many left over, you can use them to reveal your big news to grandparents, friends, other children, or even coworkers. Fun!

Fortune Cookie Pregnancy Announcement

Give the Gift of Knowledge

When you get pregnant, you have hundreds of pregnancy books to choose from. There are books that detail each week of your pregnancy, and tell you exactly what to expect. But what about your husband? Who’s going to help him understand what the coming months will look like? You’ve got him covered with this informative book on the topic of being a great dad and supportive partner. Plus, the title can act as a pregnancy announcement on its own!

First Time Dad Book

Surprise Your Husband with a Onesie

Nothing gets your point across quite like a new, clean onesie. You can order a custom pregnancy announcement onesie with any message you like! Try “Baby Smith, Coming Dec 2024” or “I Love My Daddy,” or simply, “Hi, Dad.” You can wrap it in a box and tell him you got him a gift, or you could make it the final prize in a scavenger hunt. He’ll get the idea pretty quickly when he sees that little outfit that only a cute new baby can fill! 

Custom Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

Fido For the Win

If you’re looking for more of a funny pregnancy announcement, consider letting your doggo help out! This cute dog pregnancy announcement bandana will help your furry friend break the news to your husband. And starting at just $8, it’s an affordable and low-key way to create a lasting memory. Just make sure you order the right size so Rover looks great while sharing in your special moment.  

Pregnancy Announcement Dog Bandana

Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle

Is your husband a gamer? How does he feel about puzzles? If your man loves board games, consider using a personalized puzzle to tell him about your little bundle of joy! You can print any combination of messages and pictures you want on this fully customizable puzzle. It comes in a simple-to-assemble 12-piece version if you want to get your point across quickly, or a 30- or even 252-piece option if you want to give your hubby more of a challenge. It even comes in a gift box to make giving it to him a breeze!  

Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Get His Head in the Game!

If your husband is a sports nut, why not tell him your good news with a custom printed ball of his favorite sport?

Ask him to practice throwing the old pig skin, then toss him a pregnancy announcement custom printed on a football! He’ll certainly be surprised!

Pregnancy Announcement Football

Is your man more of a golf guy? Let him tee off with these custom golf balls. Hopefully he notices before he takes a swing!

Pregnancy Announcement Baseball

Then again, maybe he is more of an America’s Favorite Pastime sort of person. If so, he’ll love this surprise pregnancy reveal printed on a custom baseball

Pregnancy Announcement Baseball

Whether he watches or plays or relives the glory days, your husband will love a sports ball that lets him know about his new little one on the way!

Keep it Real with a Keepsake Box

This cute keepsake box does all the work for you! Just select the date, and choose to say Hello to “Daddy,” “Grandparents,” or custom text. You can also choose whether to include an ultrasound photo. It even comes wrapped up and ready to go. What could be simpler?

Pregnancy Announcement Keepsake Box

Weaponize Your Information

If your husband is into hunting or marksmanship, he’ll like this one! Let him know he hit the target with this custom printed bullet in an engraved box. The price varies depending on how much engraving you order, and whether you choose a box or no box. This is a unique way to reveal your pregnancy that he can display on his desk or shelf. 

Bullet Pregnancy Announcement

Cut to the Chase

Whether for camping, whittling, or just because, some men like to carry pocket knives at all times. I know my husband does! Give him a present and include a surprise carved into the handle of this customizable pocket knife. He’ll think of his new baby every time he pulls it out to use it! 

Pregnancy Announcement Knife

Fact: I am Pregnant

That’s how Dwight Schrute would say it. Jim Halpert would go for the scavenger hunt. Pam would draw a sketch. If you and your man are Office fans, you can’t go wrong including the gang from Dunder Mifflin in this historical announcement. Give your husband a chuckle with this hilarious Michael Scott pregnancy announcement card. Because why not share the day with the World’s Best Boss? Don’t just say it, declare it!

The Office Pregnancy Announcement Card

Get Crafty

Or, if you prefer something a little more personal, hand-make a card yourself. Keep it simple and sweet, like this mom-to-be did. A couple of rubber stamps or a printer can help you make a cute handprint and footprint (in blue and pink since you don’t know the gender yet!), and the positive pregnancy test really drives the point home. Give it to him when the two of you are alone, and watch his face as he realizes for the first time that your love is about to grow!

Hand-made Pregnancy Announcement Card

Scratch Card Pregnancy Reveal

Or how about a card that requires a little interaction? These pregnancy announcement cards will reveal your secret with a little help. Your husband just needs a coin or a key to scratch off the heart, and he’ll discover what’s been on your mind since you found out!

Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Card

Order them here

Do It By the Book

A fun way to announce your pregnancy to your husband is this 32-page “Book of Us,” a fully customizable book you can use to tell the story of your love. In addition to the text and color of the front cover, you can choose the look of the characters inside and write a paragraph describing your love story to go on the back cover. There will never be another book in the world like the one you personalize for your husband!  

Pregnancy Announcement Book

Make ‘Em Laugh

If you’re having a baby, that means your husband is becoming a dad. And what dad is really prepared for fatherhood without dad jokes? Give him this Dad Jokes book to tell him he needs to brush up on his puns and his late-night baby-holding skills. And if you have other children, or nieces and nephews, they’ll love hearing these corny one-liners. It’s good fun for everyone! 

Dad Jokes Book

However you choose to tell him, good luck! You and your husband are so blessed to welcome a new little one into the world!

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