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Must-Have Items for the Last Month of Pregnancy

Don’t let all the aches and pains of late pregnancy get you down. There are some wonderful products that can help you feel comfortable in your last four weeks. Be sure you don’t miss these must-have items for surviving the last month of pregnancy!

Pregnancy Outfits That Make You Feel Good

It’s possible that you’ve put off buying great maternity clothes up to this point. It can feel wasteful to invest in clothes that you can only wear for a few months. However, depending on how quickly you lose weight after pregnancy, you may need to wear maternity clothes for a few months after the baby is born. You may also decide to have another baby someday, in which case the clothes you buy for yourself now are really an investment in your future. And if someone close to you gets pregnant in the meantime, you can bless them immensely by sharing your pregnancy clothes with them. My sister and I shared most of the maternity clothes we each bought, passing them back and forth for years as we went through 7 pregnancies between the two of us. So don’t feel guilty about indulging a little. You’re worth it! 

pregnant woman in off-the-shoulder dress
You can look great while pregnant. Photo Credit

Pregnancy Jumpers

A great clothing item is the maternity jumper. Roomy and built for your comfort, these cute pieces help you feel put together when you are in fact wearing something you could sleep in. Though you can definitely break the bank on maternity clothes, I prefer more affordable options. Check out this cute olive green jumpsuit from Target. It features a button front, pockets, and ¾ sleeves. And for only $38, you don’t need to feel bad buying it for the last month of pregnancy. If you like the idea of not having something pressing on your waistline, also checkout these grey maternity overalls from Walmart. Made from soft, stretchy material, they have gaucho-style capri-pant legs, so they’re perfect for warmer weather. Put it on over a high-quality maternity tee, such as this v-neck with side ruching or these classic scoop necks, and you’re ready to roll. These shirts are also great for layering!

Pregnancy Leggings vs Pregnancy Pants

Whether or not you believe that leggings count as pants, you’re going to want some comfortable pairs of both to get you through the last bit of pregnancy. There are different panel choices, including under-the-belly waist bands, side stretch panels, and over-the-belly waist bands, aka the full panel. (If you’re still wearing either of the first two in your last month of pregnancy, my hat’s off to you.) My absolute favorite is the crossover panel, shown below.    

pregnancy leggings with crossover panel

Crossover panels are the bomb dot com.

These are athletic leggings, but this style of panel is available in all types of pregnancy pants and pregnancy leggings, including many of the styles available at Target, like these dark wash boot cut jeans. The crossover panel provides the best support, stays up the longest, and puts less fabric on your back. In my experience, less fabric equals less hot, so I’m here for these panels in all items of clothing. 

Comfortable Pregnancy Bras

Real talk: at this point in your pregnancy, ain’t nobody got time for underwires. No one needs a hard line pressing into them all day when they already have a baby pressing out of their belly. So go for something soft yet supportive that can move with you to the next stage of your journey: the nursing bra! 

There are two main styles of nursing bra. One has a crossover front, like this soft pink nursing bra. It’s soft all over, so it will be comfortable during your last month of pregnancy, and then, when it’s time to nurse your newborn, it matches form with function. Simply slide one side of the bra under your breast for easy access to feeding your little one. If you’re not nursing, this is still a great choice, as it is similar to a looser sports bra. Your milk will come in whether you want it or not, so you may want to wrap a stretchy bandage tightly around your breasts over the top of a bra like this one to help the discomfort dissipate more quickly.

The other main style of nursing bra is a clip-front version of a normal bra. These come with or without underwires and do not have a crossover front. They can be used for both pregnancy and nursing, and often come with removable padding. I like this one, with elastic instead of underwire and removable molded foam cups. When nursing, I typically use a bra like this during the day, and sleep in a crossover type at night.

The Best Shoes for Pregnancy

By now your feet and ankles are very likely swollen, and even if they’re not, you still probably have more weight pressing down on your soles than you ever have before. Support your feet with something comfy like these sandals made of thick, squishy yoga mats! These flip-flops boast spongy soles and soft fabric straps, making them perfect for warm-weather mamas. If you’re looking for support during exercise, try these lightweight walking shoes. They are made of mesh and easily slip on, eliminating the need to bend down and tie your shoes, which is certainly a feat at 36+ weeks pregnant! If you’re reaching the end of your pregnancy during the winter months, you need some warm boots such as these waterproof snow boots. They come in tall or short, and in 5 different colors. And at less than $40, they’re quite a bargain.

lots of crocs

Find something comfy. Photo Credit

Cozy Pregnancy Pillows

You would think that as your due date looms, your body would prepare you for sleepless nights by stocking up on some great rest right before you give birth. But, alas, that is not the case. Most women (75%!) find it harder to sleep in their last trimester, which perhaps prepares you for sleepless nights by simply giving you practice. Between heartburn, a large belly, possible sleep apnea and the general aches and pains of late pregnancy, it really can be hard to get the sleep you so desperately need. Getting a specialty pregnancy pillow may help you get a better night’s rest. There are many to choose from, but here are a couple of options.

The classic u-shaped pregnancy pillow is designed to offer support for your growing belly in the front as well as for your aching back from behind. One popular pillow is the Body Nest, which is shaped like the letter U with the opening oriented toward your feet and the curved part up at your head. The long straight sides provide support from your knees to your ankles, which should help you stay comfortable and alleviate some hip pain. This pillow allows you to turn side to side without adjusting pillows the way you would have to if you were to set up your own nest using multiple smaller pillows. You can adjust the firmness by removing some of the stuffing if desired, and it has a reversible cover. A big plus of this pillow is that it manages to stay cool even after hours of snuggling into it.

Another pregnancy pillow to consider is the Snoogle. This pillow is C-shaped and offers similar support to u-shaped pregnancy pillows, but with less support below the knee. The Snoogle is significantly cheaper than the Nest (about half the price!), so consider that when choosing. Both of these pillows can be used in various positions as a nursing or bottle-feeding pillow once the baby comes. 

        pregnant woman sleeping with a pregnancy pillow         
It’s like a big soft hug. Photo Credit

A Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage can be a great way to ease sore muscles and help you relax. As compared to a regular massage, a prenatal massage may include modified positions, including not lying on your front at all or flat on your back for very long. Some massage therapy salons may have special tables that will allow you to lie on your stomach while pregnant, or you can lie on your side. You won’t be able to have deep tissue massage on your legs because the risk of blood clots is increased during pregnancy, and if blood clots have formed in your legs, you don’t want to dislodge them. Because there is no special certification for pregnancy massage, ask for someone who has experience with prenatal massage when you make your appointment. Don’t get a massage while pregnant if you have a high risk pregnancy, as it can worsen some complications of pregnancy. If you’re experiencing a normal pregnancy, however, or if your doctor approves it, it’s safe to enjoy a good rub-down to fight off the stress of the day. Be sure to communicate with your massage therapist about what feels good and what hurts. That’s the best way to ensure an enjoyable experience. 

With these items at your disposal, hopefully you’ll be able to endure your last month of pregnancy well. Oh, and don't forget to grab a custom baby onesie for your new little one to come home from the hospital in! Good luck, and you got this!

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