Kate & Meri Give Back Act 2 - Postpartum Support International

kate and meri give back

When we started Kate & Meri in the spring of 2019 we knew we wanted to do more than just print custom onesies (as fun and cute as they might be!). We also wanted to give back. And we wanted to give back to Moms dealing with perinatal health. 

Motherhood is no easy task! It’s made even harder when a Mom has to deal with any kind of perinatal health issue such as anxiety, depression or otherwise. This is made even more challenging by the fact that many battles fought with these illnesses are often done alone as there is a certain level of stigma and/or self-imposed shame that may prevent much-needed dialogue and support from happening. Because this area of mental health is so close to us - either through first-hand experience or as seen in both family members and friends - we determined from the beginning to donate $1 of every order to nonprofits/services that help Moms with perinatal health.

Having said all that, we’re so excited to have been able to donate another $2500 to Postpartum Support International this week! We’ve now donated $5,000 in an effort to help in the area of perinatal health! 

Founded in 1987, PSI provides support, education, and advocacy efforts in all 50 states and across 40 countries! We love their mission and the role they play in helping Moms who need it most. It’s an honor for us to be able to contribute in a small way to help those that are doing their best to be good Moms while simultaneously grappling with any kind of postpartum health concerns. 


Kate & Meri

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